mandag 3. september 2012

A place near my home

I have always loved my country - most of all for its natur.
Some pictures from a place near my home.
Photographert on Sunday 02.09. 2012

lørdag 18. august 2012

Flowers and Butterflies

LorikArt COMMUNALGLOBALFlowers and Butterflies

Oransjegullvinge "Lycaena virguarea"
Fløyelsringvinge "Frebia ligea"
Dagpåfugløye "Inachis io"
Liten Kålsommerfugl "Pieris rapae"
Neslesommerfugl "Nymphalis urlicae"

A Butterfly Light Beside us.
A butterfly light beside us, like a sunbeam...
and for a brief moment it`s glory
and beauty to belong to our world..
and then its fly on again, and although
we wish it could stayed,
we are so thankful to have seen it at all.
Author unknow

søndag 5. august 2012


Scattered Horizons
Noen bilder fra min tur langs Norskekysten sist uke.
Some picturers from my journey along The norwegian  coust , last week.
Fra Kirkenes til Bergen

 The Arctic Cirkel . The globe is on the island "VIKING"

 MUNKHOLMEN the island has been used as a execution and monastery.