torsdag 19. juli 2012


photosbyleanneRØDKLØVER (Trifolium pratens)

RYLLYK (Acillea millefolium)
GUL ÅKERDYLLE (Sonchus arvensis)
"Any man that walks the mead.
In a bud or blade or blom,
made find a meaning suited to his mind."
A. Tennyson

onsdag 11. juli 2012

THREE WHITE ROSES from my garden

Thornless, Climbing and Rambler Rose.Bred by Axsel Olsen (DK)

Louis Bugnet
 Mme Plantier

"Remember that wherever your heart is,
there you will find your treasure"
     ~Paulo Coelho

mandag 2. juli 2012

Rose from my garden

While there are no true blue roses for the flowergarden, there are roses that under certain light conditions appear to have a blue hue. Rhapsodi in Blue is a floribunda in shades of violet mauve and purple. Mild to strong spice fragrance. Blooms flushes throughout the season.

When I walk whith you I feel  as if I had a flower in my  buttomhole.  W. M Thackeray

The Variety is bread in England by Frank R. Cowlishaw in 1999