torsdag 29. mars 2012


The Pilgrim
Min favoritt av de kremgule roser i min hage!
My favorite of the creamy yellow roses in my garden!

This is one of the most beautiful English Climbing Roses, producing nicely- sharpedmedium-
large flovers. Each bid open to reveal many petals. Which form ashallowly-cuppes rosette.
Eventually opening out quite flate. The color is a very attractive , soft but pure shade of yellow.
Repeating well.

Dette er en av de vakreste engelske klatreroser, produserer pent formede middels store blomster. Hver knopp åpner seg og danner mange kronblader  og det formes en grunt skålformet rosett. til slutt åpner den seg helt. Fargen er meget attraktiv, myk med ren nyanse av gult. Remonterer godt.

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  1. It is indeed a lovely rose to behold. It looks as though it may be fragrant also? These "old-fashioned" roses are in many ways so much more attractive than some of the newer hybrids.

    Thank you for participating in Floral Friday Fotos!

  2. Nydelig bilde av den vakre rosen!
    Gleder meg til å se alle de vakre rosene dine.
    Ha en fin torsdag.

  3. You must have a very beautiful garden, this is magnificent. I love how full and solid it looks, unlike the hybrid tea roses, its fragrance must be wonderful in a bouquet!

  4. Calling by as another participant in Floral Friday, what a lovely old fashioned rose.

  5. English climbing roses? Hadn't seen them, but they are beautiful. I like how they are do full and packed with petals!!

  6. those flower shots and the collage are really gorgeous!
    loving your photography!!

  7. Oh my...what gorgeous flower photos! So luscious to look at - thank you for sharing!

  8. yes the rose is beautiful, but i also love that purple flower near one of the roses.

  9. This a very beautiful rose indeed!!
    Love the purple clematis too.
    Just lovely...

  10. Bellissime fotografie, la primavera rinnova la vita!!felice fine settimana...ciao

  11. Un colpo d'occhio meraviglioso!

    Un abbraccio
    ciao cara

  12. The detail in the rose is beautiful!

  13. awesome collage and such a beautiful shot of that rose.
    i can almost feel the velvety of those petals.

    have a great rest of your weekend!


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