fredag 24. mai 2013

Plum Blossoms

Shine the Divine

  Floral Love
Plum blossoms on a plum tree.

"Life is a garden. 
It is an opportunity. 
You can grow weeds, 
you can grow roses; 
it all depends on you." 

13 kommentarer:

  1. So cool to have the bee in the shot.

  2. Makes me so happy to get to visit all Floral Love participants. Thanks for your flowers ♥

  3. Nydelig bilde, og herlig med bien :) Fint sitat også.
    Ha en riktig god helg, håper dere får finvær.
    Her har det vært fint i dag, og jeg har plantet tomatplanter i drivhuset. I morgen og søndag skal jeg på urtekurs, og det gleder jeg meg til.
    Klem :)

  4. The bee is loving that beautiful blossom. So am I! Thanks

  5. What a wonderful springtime shot! The blossoms are perfect with the bee flying by!

  6. Pretty Plum blossoms and a bee in the cute photo! What was happening to that bee next?
    Enjoy your weekend,

  7. Gorgeous blooms. Hope you'd find time to visit my Ixora.

  8. so beautiful... I hope you will consider sharing these with I Heart Macro over at my blog, the link opens this evening and stays open until Monday night:-)

  9. I'm so glad you joined I Heart Macro this week... what a treat to have your beautiful flowers and bee in the group:-)

  10. Pretty blossoms and a treat to have captured a good shot of the bee as well.

  11. Great capture! You don't often see that perspective. Blossoms are lovely... must smell heavenly! Thanks for sharing!


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